About Us

Median Life Science LLC (MLS) is a manufacturer of high quality Biochemical, PCR, RT-PCR, Buffer Solutions, Cell Culture Media, Protein and DNA marker, and overall products in the field of Biotechnologies. MLS products are used in the fields of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Research Specialty Chemicals.

Median Life Science is a branch company of Median Diagnostics in South Korea. MLS develops and sells ELISA kits used in the testing of a variety of veterinary diseases.

Median Diagnostics, Inc. (MDx) was the first company to obtain permits to manufacture for commercial animal diagnostics in South Korea since 2001. MDx was founded in 1999 and has directly contributed to the well-being of the veterinary and livestock industry, ultimately improving human health.

Median Diagnostics will continue to develop and industrialize immune diagnostics reagents based on recombinant markers, monoclonal antibodies, and conversions with cutting edge technology including immune sensors to provide the world’s best diagnostic system technologies to our clients.

The mission of Median Life Science is to provide quality diagnostic kits, components, products, and services using the highest safety and compliance standards on the market.